Manage MSP licenses with ESET Security Management Center

Users of an MSP Company can add licenses in ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) using their EMA2 credentials in the ESET Business Account Login section. The EMA2 credentials are the email address and password of the EMA2 MSP User that manages the licenses for that company.

ESMC can be used to distribute MSP licenses to the client endpoints. ESMC connects to EMA2 using the Security Admin account to retrieve license credentials.

The Users you create within your Company will have access to specified MSP Customers to manage licenses. Each EMA2 User account (email and password) with access rights to a company also creates a Security Admin account to use in ESET Security Management Center to synchronize the licenses.

How to manage EMA2 MSP licenses with ESMC

After you Create new MSP Customer, add Users and assign Licenses, you can add the MSP User (Security Admin) account to ESET Security Management Center to sync licenses.

To sync EMA2 licenses in ESET Security Management Center:

1.Open ESET Security Management Center (ESMC Web Console) in your web browser and log in.

2.Click More > License Management.

3.Click Add Licenses and select ESET Business Account Login.  Type in the email address and password used for the MSP Company. Click Add Licenses.


The license synchronization in ESMC will happen automatically once every 24 hours, or you can start the sync manually by clicking Synchronize Licenses (or alternatively by restarting the ESMC Server).

Any changes in EMA2 that you make to the licenses connected to the synchronized MSP account will be synchronized to ESMC after manually syncing the licenses in ESMC.