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How to remove ESET PROTECT from your network

There are two correct ways to stop managing your network with ESET PROTECT:

a) Completely remove all ESET security products and ESET Management Agents and then decommission the ESET PROTECT instance.

b) Continue to use ESET security products, but remove ESET Management Agent and ESET PROTECT instance. (In this scenario, skip to Remove ESET Management Agent below).

Remove ESET security products from your network

1.Reset to default or unlock client settings in policies.

a.Delete all Custom policies currently applied to clients.

b.For all Built-in Policies select the policy and click the Clients tab to see if any of these policies are assigned to computers in your network.

2.Change the password setting on clients to the default value.

a.Create a new policy and navigate to Security product policy > User Interface > Access Setup.

b.Leave the Password protected settings disabled and use icon_force_policyForce next to the Set password setting.

c.Assign this policy to all devices in your network. This will remove the password protection for the advanced settings on your Endpoint Security products.

3.Decrypt any workstations encrypted with ESET Full Disk Encryption.


If any workstation is still encrypted after the ESET PROTECT instance is deleted there is no other way to decrypt the workstation (if you do not have the encryption recovery data downloaded before). Not even ESET can help in this case.

4.Remove the security product from client devices if desired. You can leave security products installed, and they will continue to provide production even if they are not managed.

To uninstall all security products in your network use the Software Uninstall Task.

a.Navigate to Tasks > New.

b.In the Task creation wizard in the Basic section, fill in the Name and Description and select Software uninstall from the Task drop-down menu.

c.In the Settings section, select the application to uninstall from the Uninstall drop-down menu. Under Package name click Choose package to uninstall, select the security product you want to uninstall and click OK.

d.Under Package version click Uninstall all versions of package to prevent problems when uninstalling different versions of security products on client computers in your network.

e.Select the check box next to Automatic reboot when needed to ensure that the uninstallation process is completely finished and then click Finish to create the task.

f.Click Create trigger to select a Target for the task. Click Add Groups and select the All group as the target. Select the appropriate trigger and click Finish to execute.

Verify that the task was successfully executed on all devices and repeat the process for each type of security product in your network.

Remove ESET Management Agent from your network

For the most efficient removal of all ESET Management Agents in your network, verify that all affected devices are powered on and connecting to ESET PROTECT.

1.Revert the password-protected setup setting (Windows only).

a.Create a new policy for ESET Management Agent.

b.Navigate to Advanced Settings and under Setup, set aicon_force_policyForce flag next to the Password Protected Setup setting.

c.Assign the policy to the All group and click Finish to apply.

2.Verify that the policy is applied. After the policy is successfully applied to all clients, remove ESET Management Agent from the computers in your network. You can use the Stop Managing (Uninstall ESET Management Agent) task to do so. Assign the task to all computers in your network.

3.Wait until the task is executed on all devices in your network.

4.Remove all devices in the Computers section of ESET PROTECT.

If none of the devices re-appear in the console for the next 10 minutes, you have successfully removed all ESET Management Agents from your network.

Delete ESET PROTECT instance

1.Open your ESET Business Account account.

2.In the main Dashboard section, navigate to the ESET PROTECT tile.

3.Click the gear icon in the ESET PROTECT tile and select Delete ESET PROTECT.

4.Type your password and click Delete. Your ESET PROTECT instance will be deleted.