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Managing Password Manager on ESET HOME portal

With the ESET Password Manager account, you can centrally manage ESET Password Manager for all user profiles.

This chapter provides information on:

Password Manager feature statuses

Subscription changes for Password Manager

How to move the Password Manager from the shared subscription to your subscription

Password Manager feature statuses on the user profile

In your ESET HOME account > Features > Security feature > Security Feature Users section, you will see the following Password Manager status under the specific user profiles:

Activated—You have already created a Password Manager account.

Invited / Setup needed—Your Password Manager account has not been created, but the instructions were sent to the email address.

Not activated—The Password Manager feature is not activated on the user profile.

Disconnected—The eligible subscription for Password Manager expired.

Change the Password Manager subscription

If you have more than one eligible subscription for Password Manager and want to change it to another subscription, follow the instructions below:

1.Log in to your ESET HOME account.

2.In the Features section, click Security features.

3.Choose the user profile.

4.Click Change subscription.


If you have only added one eligible subscription for ESET Password Manager to the ESET HOME account, the Change subscription option is not available. To save your data, export passwords from a web browser extension.

5.Choose another subscription.

6.Click Continue to confirm.

7.Click Got it.

Move the Password Manager under your ESET HOME account

When someone shares Password Manager with you, and you decide to manage your Password Manager under your ESET HOME account, follow the instructions below:

1.Ask the subscription owner to deactivate the Password Manager in their ESET HOME account for your user profile.

2.Purchase an eligible subscription for ESET Password Manager.

3.Activate the Password Manager on your ESET HOME account, or create the user profile with the same email address as you had in Password Manager before, and continue using the Password Manager.