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Password Manager account deleted due to subscription expiration

After your subscription for ESET Password Manager expires, your Password Manager account is closed, and all data in the password store is deleted. You are unable to recover any data when your account is deleted.


Password Manager account cancellation

To avoid losing your Password Manager account with all your data, renew your subscription before expiration.

Back up your passwords and data for future use to prevent losing your data. Click Menu > Settings > Data > Export data.

To continue using Password Manager, complete one of the following actions before your subscription for ESET Password Manager expires:

If you are the subscription owner, renew the subscription.

If you have more than one eligible subscription for ESET Password Manager, move your Password Store from an expiring subscription to a valid one.

Purchase an eligible ESET Password Manager subscription when sharing Password Manager with anybody else. Export your data from your Password Manager. Ensure the new subscription is added in your ESET HOME account > Subscriptions section. Create a new Password Manager account with a new Master Password and import your exported data.