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ESET PROTECT for Managed Service Providers

Who is an MSP

The abbreviation MSP stands for "Managed Service Provider". MSP users usually provide IT services to their customers, for example, the management of security products (e. g. ESET Endpoint Antivirus).

MSP users have different requirements and ways of using ESET PROTECT than, for example, enterprise or SMB (small to medium-sized business) users. See the recommended deployment scenarios for MSP.

For more information about the ESET MSP program, contact your local ESET partner or visit the ESET Managed Service Provider Program page.

The structure of entities in the MSP

ESET PROTECT synchronizes your ESET MSP Administrator structure to the Static Group tree in Computers in the Web Console.


Distributor - A distributor is an ESET partner and an MSP or MSP Manager partner.

MSP Manager - Manages multiple MSP companies. An MSP Manager can also have direct customers.

MSP - The target audience for this guide. An MSP provides services to its customers. For example, MSPs: remotely manages customers' computers, installs, and manages ESET products.

Managed MSP - Similar to MSP, however, Managed MSP is managed by an MSP Manager.

Customer - The end user for ESET product licenses. The customer should not interact with ESET products. The customer can have different statuses marked by an icon:

ocompany_no_setup—The customer has not been set up yet.

omsp_customer_normal—The customer has been set up, or you have skipped the customer setup.

ocompany_unlinked—The customer has been removed.


After synchronizing the MSP account, the MSP user can see the managed customers list in the msp_customer_normal Managed Customers section on the main ESET PROTECT menu.

MSP environment specifics

The MSP business model uses a different infrastructure setup than an enterprise or SMB. In the MSP environment, customers are typically located outside of MSP company network. ESET Management Agents installed on customers' computers need to have connectivity to the ESET PROTECT over the public internet. Ensure to open certain ports to make the ESET PROTECT visible.

The standard MSP setup has the following structure:


ESET PROTECT deployed from a mixed account

A mixed account uses the same credentials to access ESET Business Account and ESET MSP Administrator. In that case, you can create the ESET PROTECT from each of them. After the instance is created, you can access the same instance from both services (EMA 2 and EBA). The right to remove the ESET PROTECT instance is reserved for the service that created the instance.