License statuses and license removal

Each of your licenses can have the following states:

License status



Icon-OK Active

The license is valid, and there is no need to pay attention. There might be free slots to install ESET protection on more devices.

important Expiring

The license is going to expire. Renew your license in the ESET store.

warning Expired

ESET products activated with this license are not able to update after your license is expired.

important Overused

There are more devices using this license than it allows. This license cannot be used to activate any other ESET product. Free up license seats by deactivating devices you no longer use.

warning Leaked

You may be a victim of a scam, when your license is leaked.

suspended Suspended

ESET products activated by a suspended license no longer receive updates.

warning Canceled

The license is canceled, and all connected products are deactivated.

Waiting for verification

A verification link was sent to the license owner's email address. Click a link in the email to verify your license ownership.

*To remove the license from the Licenses main view, click the menu iconthree_dots_menu for that license and select Remove license.