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Phantom account Issue

Notification messaging related to the Phantom Account will differ depending on the situation.

Security Tip: Set Up a 'Phantom Windows Account'

Issue: 'Phantom Windows Account' Needed

If the Phantom Account is created and you mark your device as missing, ESET Anti-Theft will block access to your active user accounts to protect your sensitive data. Anyone who attempts to use the device will only be permitted to use the Phantom account. Phantom Account is a form of guest account with limited permissions. It will be used as the default system account until your device is marked recovered - preventing anyone from logging into other user accounts or accessing user's data. The Phantom Account helps ESET Anti-Theft recover your lost or stolen computer by monitoring its location and usage.


Logging into the Phantom Account when your computer is in a normal state will cause a notification with information about suspicious activity on your computer to be sent to your email anytime that someone logs in to this account. After you receive the notification, you can decide if you want to mark the computer as missing.

You can enable the Phantom Account now. Click Create next to Phantom account state in the Settings tab of the ESET Anti-Theft web interface.