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In this section, you can:

Change the name of a device

Assign a device an icon for better visual identification

Change the scan interval for a missing device

Select which notification messages are active

Phantom account state – A Phantom account is not created by default. Click Create and type an appropriate Phantom Windows Account name. This option is only available for Windows devices.

Scan interval – When in a suspicious state, ESET Anti-Theft takes screenshots from your desktop or webcam and periodically records geographical data.

Notification that Device started to send monitoring data – You receive an email notification the first time data becomes available in the Activity tab. No other emails are sent until you reset the missing state to a normal state or vice versa.

Notification on Suspicious state – You receive an email notification when your device changes to a Suspicious state.

Notification on Missing state expiration – Five days before expiration, you are prompted to extend the monitoring period via email (in missing state only).

Last known location – ESET Anti-Theft saves the device location when the battery is getting low. This option is available only for Android devices.

Security password – This option is available only for Android devices with earlier versions of ESET Mobile Security. You can change your device security password from the ESET Anti-Theft portal.

Unlock device – For more information, see the ESET Mobile Security online user guide.

Turn off ESET Anti-Theft – If you turn off ESET Anti-Theft, the device is no longer protected by ESET Anti-Theft and device monitoring stops. If you have already found the device and want to keep control over it, select Not missing. This option is available only for Android devices.

Remove device – This action deletes all data related to the device. All changes to the client system take place after it appears online.