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ESET Anti-Theft optimization is a measurable technical assessment of the security state of your computer or device. Performing this task will examine your system for the following issues.

Windows users:

Windows accounts are not password protected

Phantom account Issue

Automatic login for the real account is enabled

Automatic login for the Phantom account is enabled

See the following Knowledgebase article for illustrated instructions to resolve Optimization issues:
Optimize your device for Anti-Theft in ESET Windows home products

Android users:

Location services turned off

GPS satellites not used

Screen lock not secured

Mobile data not enabled

Google Play Services not present

The security level displayed in Anti-Theft Optimization Level may have the following states:

If no issue is detected - Security level = 5 stars

If only one issue is detected - Security level = 4 stars

If two or three issues are detected - Security level = 3 stars