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Add a workstation

The process of adding a workstation and activating a user on it is outlined below. The ESET Endpoint Encryption Server (EEE Server) is not designed to allow  direct addition of workstations, but rather workstation will automatically be added as a result of a user activating on the workstation.

1.Create workstation install.

a.To do this, upload an ESET Endpoint Encrytpion Client install to the EEE Server (unless the latest one is already there).

b.Make sure workstation policies are as required for the new workstation.

c.Download a merged install for the workstation. This includes the EEE Client software and workstation policies

2.Workstation Installation.

a.Supply the installation package to the workstation.

b.Install the package on the workstation.

3.Activation Code Generation.

a.Generate a user activation code for the workstation.

b.Supply the activation code to the user.

4.Workstation Activation.

a.When the workstation is booted after installation the user is required to type the activation code.

b.The activation wizard will communicate with the EEE Server for validation and supply the user with their Key-File and group policies.


a.When both ends of the system (Client workstation and EEE Server) have synchronised, the workstation and user will appear in the EEE Server as "activated".

6.Future Updates. From that point on, any group policy or Key-File changes will need to be posted to the activated user.