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To ensure that both the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server (EEE Server) and the ESET Endpoint Encrytpion Client workstation are up to date, the system periodically checks for any updates (synchronizes). The EEE Server updates every 60 minutes (This is a default setting - the background timer setting can be changed within the EEE Control Panel) and the workstations every 60 minutes (This is a default setting - the workstation setting can be changed within Workstation Policies).

At any time both the administrator and the client can force a synchronization. Synchronization provides the method by which updates and changes are sent by the administrator and implemented on the workstation.

Activated and up to date Status

The status of both users and workstations are green, any other color means that some action is required to be completed.

For example, when a new user is created they will appear grey until they have a license issued to them. They will then appear as blue until they are activated on a workstation (either an existing or new workstation). At that point they will only appear green when both the EEE Server and the workstation have synchronized.

After the user and the workstation have appeared (this is dependent on the workstation policy “Background Update Check Period”), updates and changes can be made.

Manual Synchronization

ESET Endpoint Encryption Server

If the workstation does not appear, the administrator can force a synchronization by clicking the 'Proxy Sync' button at the bottom left of the browser window.



It may also be necessary for the user to synchronize from the workstation. To do this the user needs to right-click the EEE Server icon in their notification area (also known as the System Tray), then select Proxy Sync.

It is also possible for the user to view system messages from this control too by right clicking on the EEE Server icon, selecting Show Window and then the window below will display all messages between the EEE Server and their workstation. Click More to show additional information.

You can also select the Sync button to sync with the EEE Server from this window as well.

When the EEE Server and the workstation concerned are both in sync, the workstation and the user will appear as green. The only status that is different is where the user has been supplied with different keys from the rest of the users in their group. In this case they will appear as purple. See Interface and Main controls for details on the user status colors.


See also how to synchronize ESET Endpoint Encryption Server with Active Directory.