Import licenses

To manage your existing business licenses with ESET Business Account, you need the license key and corresponding password that were delivered to you via email when purchasing a license, or when converting legacy credentials to a license key.

1.Click Enter license key.


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2.Type in the license key and corresponding password, and then click Continue.


If your license has been managed by ESET License Administrator, a notification window will display and require the ESET License Administrator password. Click Continue.



If the license being imported has been used to activate any number of devices, a notification window will display.




Security Administrator accounts are not migrated from ESET License Administrator to the ESET Business Account portal when migrating licenses.

If you have sites created in the ESET Business Account portal, you can assign some units of the license to specific sites. Click Confirm.

To manage the imported licenses via ESET Cloud Administrator, go to Dashboard and click Activate.