Import licenses

To manage your existing business licenses with ESET Business Account (EBA), you need the license key and access to the email inbox associated with the license.

1.Click Licenses > Add license > Enter license key.

2.Type in the license key and then click Add license.


3.If the license is registered with a different email address than your EBA account, you will receive an email with a verification link (valid for one hour). Click the link and enter your ESET Business Account portal login credentials if requested.

Legacy license, license managed by ESET License Administrator


License password not required

When the user migrates their license from ESET License Administrator to ESET Business Account, the system does not require an ESET License Administrator license password if the license owner's email is the same as their ESET Business Account account email.

If you have an older license (purchased before October 2018), you need the corresponding password that was:

delivered to you via email when you purchased the license

configured by you when you first accessed the ESET License Administrator portal with that license.

If you have a legacy license consisting of a Username and Password only, convert legacy credentials to a license key first.

If ESET License Administrator has managed your license, a notification window will display and require the license owner password when adding such license to ESET Business Account. Click Verify. Cannot remember the license owner password?


If the license being imported has been used to activate any number of devices, a notification window displays. To leave the activated devices intact, click Keep. Otherwise, select Deactivate.


Security Administrator accounts

Security Administrator accounts are not migrated from ESET License Administrator to the ESET Business Account portal when migrating licenses.

After the license import is complete, a dialog will display additional information on downloading/managing the related products.

Additional options

If you have sites created in the ESET Business Account portal, you can assign some license units to specific sites. Click Confirm.

To manage ESET products related to your imported licenses on workstations and servers in a networked environment from one central location, use ESET PROTECT Cloud.