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Introduction to ESET PSA plugin

Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools are used by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to manage their customers' billing and ticketing. ESET PSA plugin is designed to integrate ESET product usage and endpoint health status with your PSA tool's billing and ticketing functions.


ESET PSA plugin collects information about the ESET environment and reflects this information in the third-party PSA tool:

Number and type of ESET products being used by specific customers

List of devices requiring intervention from the support team


ESET PSA plugin integrates ESET PROTECT Server* and third-party PSA tools**:


ConnectWise PSA

HaloPSA (in beta testing)

* Support for ESET PROTECT Cloud will be provided in the near future.

** The list of available third-party PSA tools may be extended in the future. See the Release notes for the ESET PSA plugin service release updates.