Troubleshooting - Web Console

Because ESET PROTECT Cloud is hosted in the cloud, most of the errors that can occur during login can be solved by following these general troubleshooting steps:

Clear the browser cache and refresh the login page.

If the problem persists, wait a few minutes and try to log in again or try different browser (supported browsers).

If the problem is not resolved, contact ESET Support.

The table below will give you some insight into the most common Web Console login error massages and statuses, what they mean and some additional troubleshooting steps:

Error message

Possible cause

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Communication from your address was temporarily blocked

After 10 unsuccessful login attempts from the same IP address (for example, using incorrect login credentials), further login attempts from this IP address are temporarily blocked. After 15 minutes, log in using the correct credentials.

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Authentication error

The server received a damaged or incomplete authentication token. Make sure you are using the correct login credentials and that your connection to the login page is secure. If the problem persists, try clearing the cookies.

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Authentication failed on server

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Connection has failed with state 'Not connected'

Check network connection and firewall settings to make sure ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console can be reached from your device.

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Communication error

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Connection timeout

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: User has no access rights assigned

The user account under which you are trying to log in does not have any access rights assigned. Log in as an administrator and edit the user's account assigning appropriate permissions to this user. If you do not have access to the administrator account , contact your administrator with this request.

JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

JavaScript is required for the login page to work correctly. Enable JavaScript or update your web browser.

You do not see the login screen or the login screen appears to be constantly loading.

Check network connection and firewall settings to make sure ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console can be reached from your device.

"An unexpected error has occurred" or "An uncaught exception has occurred"

This error can occurs when you are accessing the ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console from a browser that is not supported by ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console, see supported web browsers.


Mozilla Firefox has a corrupted certificate store.