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ESET Management Agent automatic upgrade

ESET PROTECT provides an automatic upgrade (auto-upgrade) of ESET Management Agent on managed computers.

How ESET Management Agent auto-upgrade works

The Agent auto-upgrade is enabled by default and you cannot disable it.

The ESET Management Agent auto-upgrade triggers around two weeks after the latest ESET Management Agent version is released into the repository.


When a later ESET Management Agent version is available and the auto-upgrade has not occurred yet, you can initiate the Agent upgrade manually from Dashboard > Component version status.

Alternatively, you can use the Upgrade Agent Client Task.

The auto-upgrade's design assures a phased upgrade process distributed during a longer period to prevent increased impact on the network and managed computers.

The auto-updates do not work if you use an offline repository that does not contain the metadata (for example, if you copied installers onto a shared network drive). Use the Mirror Tool to create an offline repository that supports auto-updates. The Mirror Tool offline repository distributes the auto-updates simultaneously across the whole network (an online repository distributes the auto-updates gradually).