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You can use Tasks to manage ESET PROTECT Server, client computers and their ESET products. Tasks can automate routine jobs. There is a set of pre-defined tasks that cover the most common scenarios, or you can create a custom task with specific settings. Use tasks to request an action from client computers. To run a task successfully, it is required to have sufficient access rights for the task and for the objects (devices) that task uses. See the list of permissions for more information on access rights.

There are two main task categories: Client Tasks and Server Tasks.

You can assign Client Tasks to groups or individual computers. When created, a task is executed using a Trigger. A Client Task can have more triggers configured. Client Tasks are distributed to clients when the ESET Management Agent on a client connects to ESET PROTECT Server. For this reason, it may take some time for task execution results to be communicated to ESET PROTECT Server. You can manage your ESET Management Agent connection interval to reduce task execution times.

Server tasks are executed by ESET PROTECT Server on itself or other devices. Server tasks cannot be assigned to any specific client or client group. Each Server Task can have one Trigger configured. If the task needs to be run with various events, there has to be separate server task for each trigger.

You can create a new task in two ways:

Click New >add_new_defaultClient Task or add_new_defaultServer Task.

Select the desired task type on the left and click New > add_new_defaultClient Task or add_new_defaultServer Task.

The following pre-defined tasks are available for your convenience (each task category contains task types):

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