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Tasks overview

You can see the progress indicator bar, status icon and details for each created task in Tasks.


You must create a Trigger to execute a Client Task.


Click a task to take further task actions:

details_default Show Details

View Task Details: summary, executions, triggers (trigger details are available only for Client Tasks).

audit_log Audit Log

View the Audit Log for the selected item.

icon_tags Tags

Edit tags (assign, unassign, create, delete).

play_default Executions

Client Tasks only: You can select from task execution results and take further actions if necessary; see Task details for more details.

icon_triggers Triggers

Client Tasks only: See the list of Triggers for the selected Client Task.

edit_default Edit

Edit the selected Task. Editing existing tasks is useful when you only need to make small adjustments. For more unique tasks, you might prefer to create a new task.

duplicate_default Duplicate

Create a new task based on the selected task; a new name is required for the duplicate.

play_default Run Now

Server Tasks only: Run the selected Server Task.

restart_default Run on

Client Tasks only: Add a new Trigger and select Target computers or groups for the Client Task.

manage_default Rerun on failed

Client Tasks only: Create a new Trigger with all computers that failed during previous Task execution set as targets. You can edit the task settings if you prefer, or click Finish to rerun the task unchanged.

delete_default Delete

Remove the selected task(s) completely.

If the task is deleted after it was created but before it was scheduled to start, it will be deleted and it will not run and never start.

If the task is deleted after it was scheduled to run, the task will be completed but the information will not be displayed in Web Console.

move_default Access Group > move_default Move

Move the object to another Static Group where it is available to users with sufficient rights for the target group. Changing the Access Group is useful when solving access issues with other users. Access Group sets the object's Static Group and access to the object based on the user's access rights.

Filters and layout customization

You can customize the current Web Console screen view:

Manage the side panel and main table.

Add filters and filter presets. You can use tags for filtering the displayed items.