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Static Group Synchronization

The Static Group Synchronization task will search your network (Active Directory, Open Directory, LDAP, local network or VMware) for computers and put them into a Static group. If you select Synchronize with Active Directory during Server Installation, found computers will be added to the All group. To synchronize Linux computers joined to Windows domain, follow these detailed instructions.


ESET PROTECT supports the secured LDAP signing.

There are 3 Synchronization modes:

Active Directory/Open Directory/LDAP - Type the basic Server connection information.



You can run the Agent Deployment server task, deploying the ESET Management Agent to the computers synchronized from the Active Directory.


MS Windows Network - Type a Workgroup to be used, along with the appropriate user credentials.



The MS Windows Network synchronization mode may not work due to missing requirements (SMBv1) needed for its successful operation. ESET will remove this synchronization mode in the future.


VMware - Type the VMware vCenter Server connection information.