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Static Group Synchronization - Linux Computers

Linux computer joined to Windows domain does not display any text in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) in Computer properties, therefore you need to insert text manually.

Check the Server prerequisites and the following prerequisites:

The Linux computers are in Active Directory.

Domain controller has a DNS server installed.

ADSI Edit is installed.

1.Open a command prompt and run adsiedit.msc

2.Navigate to Action > Connect to. The connection settings windows will be displayed.

3.Click Select a well known Naming context.

4.Expand the combo box below and select Default naming context.

5.Click OK - the ADSI value on the left should be the name of your domain controller - Default naming context (your domain controller).

6.Click the ADSI value and expand its subgroup.

7.Click the subgroup and navigate to the CN (Common Name) or OU (Organizational Unit) where Linux computers are displayed.

8.Click the hostname of the Linux computer and select Properties from the context menu. Navigate to the dNSHostName parameter and click Edit.

9.Change the value not set to valid text (for example, ubuntu.TEST).

10. Click OK > OK. Open ADUC and select the properties of the Linux computer - the new text should be displayed here.