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MSP migration to Cloud

Before migrating the ESMC 7 / ESET PROTECT with MSP accounts to ESET PROTECT Cloud, make sure your environment matches the prerequisites, and you are aware of the limitations.


Migration to ESET PROTECT Cloud is available only for ESET PROTECT servers and ESET Management Agents version 7 or later.

All migrated devices are under the MSP tree (structure of static groups under the MSP groupmsp_tree_icon synchronized from ESET MSP Administrator account).


Before migrating your whole network, test the migration process first. Start with a small group of devices to which you have physical access. After the test group successfully connects the ESET PROTECT Cloud, continue with the rest of the machines.


To migrate ESET PROTECT with MSP accounts to ESET PROTECT Cloud :

1.Create a new ESET PROTECT Cloud instance

2.Migrate policies

3.Migrate ESET Management Agents

4.Set up ESET PROTECT Cloud users in ESET MSP Administrator

5.Set up custom Permission Sets in ESET PROTECT Cloud

6.Add ESET MSP Administrator users to ESET PROTECT Cloud Web Console

7.Migration of dynamic group templates and report templates