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Import users from file

ESET Secure Authentication 2.7 and later allows to import users to custom realms from a CSV or LDF file. The file has to contain the name of the user at least.

To import users to a custom realm, follow the steps below:

1.Select a custom realm.

2.Click the gear icon icon_settings_inline, select Import Users and then select file type.

3.Browse for the file, click Open.

4.In the import dialog, adjust settings if necessary based on the format of your CSV file.

5.Click Import.


To import users from an Active Directory environment to a Standalone installation of ESET Secure Authentication, export the appropriate CSV or LDF file using the command line on your Domain Controller (main computer).


Export Active Directory users to a file

Export to CSV file:

csvde -f output.csv -r "(objectclass=user)" -l "dn,c,l,st,postalCode,mobile,telephoneNumber,displayName,co"


Export to LDF file:

ldifde -f export.ldf -s -r "(objectclass=user)" -l "cn, memberOf, distinguishedName, mobile, pager, facsimileTelephoneNumber"