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Activate ESET Secure Authentication

Activate your ESA system using an ESA license, ESET Business Account (EBA) or ESET MSP Administrator (EMA) login credentials. You can obtain a license from your ESET distributor.

To activate your ESA Server:

1.Launch the ESA Web Console.

2.Click Settings > License and select the appropriate activation method:

ESET Business Account: For registered ESET Business Account (EBA) users who have an ESET Secure Authentication license imported to EBA. Your EBA (or EMA) username and password are required.
Also if you want to use SMS OTPs, you need this type of activation to be able to add SMS Credits.

Enter a License Key: For users who purchased an ESET Secure Authentication License Key.

Offline License: Use this option if the ESA Authentication Server cannot connect to the internet, and ESA will be used in an offline environment. In this case, the provisioning server is unavailable, and only some authentication methods are available.

3.When your license is active, configure your token name (the name that will be displayed in the Mobile Application on user's phones) under Settings > Mobile application > Account name.

Using EBA or EMA login credentials to activate ESA

1.In the ESA Web Console, click Settings > License.

2.Select ESET Business Account.

3.Type your EBA or EMA login credentials.

4.If there is only a single ESA license in your EBA or EMA account and no sites are created, the activation will complete instantly. Otherwise, you have to select a specific license or a site (license pool) to active ESA.

5.Click Activate.

More information on activating ESA via EBA.


License seat consumption

Every user with an enabled authentication method (even if not functional) consumes a license seat.

If any default authentication type is enabled at Settings > Enrollment > Default authentication types, every new user will consume a license seat.