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Call description

This call allows you to accept the Terms of Use. You need the termsOfUseId to specify the product and user who accepted it. You can find the termsOfUseId via a Get call or when ordering the license.

This API call requires authorization; the user has to be logged in.

Request URL:

This request is a POST call type.

Call structure


"termsOfUseId": "string"


Response structure

The response contains data in the JSON format.

If your request is successful, the response is empty, code 200. If you get an error, usually it is a permissions issue. Make sure your user has Write access to its parent company.


ESET MSP Administrator 2 API uses standardized error codes. If you are getting errors or unexpected responses, see the Troubleshooting API for common problems and the list of error codes.

List of error codes