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How the API works

About the API

The API facilitates calls from the client and responses from the server. The API service communicates with the application. The application also has access to the application's database. This separation helps to secure the communication process by not exposing the database to requests directly.


API call types

There are several types of API calls: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. The GET and POST calls are available in ESET MSP Administrator 2 API.

GET calls do not consist of any input parameters. The request call cannot be modified; only executed.

POST call is the call type used most frequently in the ESET MSP Administrator 2 API.


Each call consists of:

Call type

Request URL

Request header (can consist of the authentication token)

Request body (contains data, especially with POST calls)

Server response structure

Each API call receives a response from the server. The response consists of the server response code and the response itself formatted as data in JSON or XML.

The response consists of:

Server code

Response body

Response headers

Response code

Code meaning




Bad request. The client request was invalid.


Unauthorized access. The access token is expired, not used or the credentials are invalid.


Forbidden action.


 code : 99

 subCode : 1

We are sorry but it looks like we can't find the page you are looking for.


Resource not found.


Internal server error. The API call has triggered a faulty operation. Can be caused by an unauthorized request.


code : 99

subCode : 2

Sorry, we are currently down for maintenance. ESET MSP Administrator API is being updated to a newer version and will be back soon. Please try again later.