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What is an API?

What is an API?

API or Application Programming Interface, is the intermediary software that allows two other programs to communicate, in this case, ESET MSP Administrator and your local application. The data transferred through the API is raw data that needs to be interpreted. You can think of the API as a messenger that sends out calls and receives responses. The separation of the API from its implementation allows programs written in one programming language to use a library written in a different programming language.

Web APIs are interfaces for interactions that occur between a user application on the front end (e.g. Swagger UI) and an application on the back end (e.g. ESET MSP Administrator). The back end is a remote server that receives requests and sends responses. The API is an architectural approach that aims to provide a program interface for a set of services to different applications that serve different consumer needs.


The API also provides a security layer for the communication between the client and server. It simplifies programming by showing only the objects and actions of the back end program that the user needs to interact with.

ESET MSP Administrator 2 API uses unique temporary tokens that are included in each call to prove the user's identity.

Using the API

The API simplifies programming by exposing only the objects or actions the developer needs to interact with. Implementation of API calls to your local application (e.g. Postman or similar program and a custom made interface) can help you automate interactions with the ESET MSP Administrator portal.