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Token (category)

Calls from the Token category are used to get and renew the access token. The access token is necessary for user authentication when using other ESET MSP Administrator 2 API calls. You need working ESET MSP Administrator 2 credentials to get the access token. Only users with API-enabled accounts can access ESET MSP Administrator 2 API.

Token properties

accessToken validity is limited to one minute. After the token expires, you have to request a new one.

refreshToken if you renew the accessToken in time, you will get a new one without interrupting your session. The maximal overall duration of a session is 30 consecutive minutes.

Both token validity time periods start at the same time with the call get.

The token lifespan cannot be changed. The short lifespan of the accessToken improves the security of the API.

The token cannot be deactivated on request, it is valid until it expires.