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Using API

You can use ESET MSP Administrator 2 API with various third-party software, for example Postman, or you can implement an API call in your custom scripts. You can try each API call in the Swagger UI, where you can investigate the call structure.

Account and password

Every registered MSP account is API-enabled by default.  Only ESET HQ can disable the account for the API access. Contact your partner or ESET re-seller if you need to disable your API access.

EMA 2 requires you to change your user password every 3 months. The change is enforced only when you visit the MSP web portal. If you use your account only for API access, you do not have to change your password.


To access the Swagger web interface, we recommend using up-to-date versions of Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

If you use MS Visual Studio to run API calls, you need to have TLS 1.2 and .Net framework 4.6.1 or later installed.