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Call description

This request gets the list of available EntityTypes codes. Codes are integer values utilized in other ESET MSP Administrator 2 API calls.

EntityTypes are types of companies and persons existing in the ESET MSP Administrator 2 API.

This API call requires authorization; the user has to be logged in.

Request URL:

No parameter is needed.

This request is a GET call type.

List of entity types

The table below contains information from the EntityTypes call. This information is universal for all users.

Entity type code

Entity name



ESET Headquarters

A unique ESET user.



An ESET partner in specific countries who distributes (sells) ESET products



Indicates how a Distributor can group/divide specific subordinated companies - ESET HQ creates divisions for distributors, but also distributors can organize subordinated companies into divisions.


MSP Manager (Company)

Special type of MSP Company that manages and is responsible for Managed MSP Companies


MSP (Company)

Managed Service Provider - a company who provides computer maintaining services - e.q. they are responsible for keeping all operating systems updated, connected and of course, they are also responsible for keeping all computers protected, especially by ESET products


Managed MSP (Company)

Special type of MSP Company; managed by an MSP Manager Company


Managed By MSP - MSP Customer

Company that hired a desired MSP Customer to keep all computers protected by ESET products


ESET MSP Administrator 2 API uses standardized error codes. If you are getting errors or unexpected responses, see the Troubleshooting API for common problems and the list of error codes.

List of error codes