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My Company Selected Companies Only

Call description

This request gets a billing report for selected first-level companies. If the second-level company report is needed, use SingleManagedCompany.

This call is available only to Distributor and HQ accounts.

This API call requires authorization; the user has to be logged in.

Request URL:

This request is a POST call type.

Call structure


  "companyIds": [



  "year": 0,

  "month": 0


Call parameters




Type in one or more companyId codes. The report is completed only for the listed companies.

To enter more IDs, use the following syntax: "companyIds": ["companyID_1","companyID_2","companyID_3"] Replace the companyID_x placeholders with the actual values.


Use an integer value to select a single year. For example, 2018.


Use an integer value to select a single month. For example, use 1 for January.

Response structure

The response contains data in the JSON format.

hmtoggle_plus0Example response



ESET MSP Administrator 2 API uses standardized error codes. If you are getting errors or unexpected responses, see the Troubleshooting API for common problems and the list of error codes.

List of error codes