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BillingReport (category)

The BillingReport calls provide reports for each selected company or child company that the user has access rights to.

Billing reports are available:

only for Distributors and HQ users

for a finished month in the past.

Company hierarchy

EMA2 company hierarchy includes the following levels:

1.ESET HQ – The root of the whole hierarchy. It is not considered a company; so it is not associated with a Price-List

2.Distributor – An ESET partner in specific countries that distributes (sells) ESET products.

3.Division A Distributor who can group/divide specific subordinated companies into Divisions.

4.MSP (Company) Managed Service Provider company that provides computer maintenance services.

5.MSP Manager (Company) Special type of MSP Company that manages and is responsible for Managed MSP Companies.

6.Managed MSP (Company) Special type of MSP Company that is managed by MSP Manager Company.

7.MSP Customer Company that hired an MSP Company.

First-level companies are direct descendants of your company (child companies). Second-level companies are direct descendants of your child companies. The billing reports work according to the company level you are logged in as.

BillingReport request types


There are four billing report functions available:

MyCompany (current company's children)

My Company Selected Companies Only (selected child companies)

Single Managed Company (details for the selected child company)

Division Under Selected Distributor (details for companies of the selected distributor)