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Windows Proxy configuration


This configuration is for Apache HTTP Proxy only. If you use ESET Bridge, configure it through ESET PROTECT Web Console.

If you use your own Apache HTTP Proxy for caching ESET LiveGuard Advanced files, you need to modify your httpd.conf file. It is usually located in the Apache in the conf folder.

Add the segments of configuration in the order as they are listed below.


4.ESET LiveGuard Advanced requires SSL, headers, alias modules available and enabled in your proxy. Verify whether modules are present and add the following lines to the proxy configuration file to load required modules:

LoadModule alias_module ..\modules\mod_alias.dll

LoadModule ssl_module ..\modules\mod_ssl.dll

LoadModule headers_module ..\modules\mod_headers.dll


<IfModule ssl_module>

SSLRandomSeed startup builtin

SSLRandomSeed connect builtin



LoadModule proxy_module ..\modules\mod_proxy.dll

LoadModule proxy_http_module  ..\modules\mod_proxy_http.dll

LoadModule proxy_connect_module ..\modules\mod_proxy_connect.dll

LoadModule cache_module ..\modules\mod_cache.dll

LoadModule cache_disk_module ..\modules\mod_cache_disk.dll


5.Enable caching, Agent connection and HTTPS connection, set the log file.

CacheEnable disk http://

CacheDirLevels 4

CacheDirLength 2

CacheDefaultExpire 3600

CacheMaxFileSize 200000000

CacheMaxExpire 604800

CacheQuickHandler Off


AllowCONNECT 443 563 2222 8883


ProxyRequests On

ProxyVia On

SetEnv proxy-initial-not-pooled 1


ErrorLog "logs/error.log"

LogLevel warn

ErrorLog and LogLevel may be adjusted for your system, if necessary.


6.Add following segment of code after the last line of code listed above. It enables caching of ESET LiveGuard Advanced data on your proxy:

AcceptFilter https none

AcceptFilter http none

EnableSendfile Off

EnableMMAP off


<VirtualHost *:3128>

 ProxyRequests On



<VirtualHost *:3128>



        <If "%{REQUEST_METHOD} == 'CONNECT'">

           Require all denied



        ProxyRequests Off

        CacheEnable disk /

        SSLProxyEngine On


        RequestHeader set Front-End-Https "On"

        ProxyPass / timeout=300 keepalive=On ttl=100 max=100 smax=10

        ProxyPassReverse / keepalive=On



7.Save the configuration file and restart the proxy service.