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Using a proxy with ESET LiveGuard Advanced

ESET LiveGuard Advanced can use ESET Bridge to forward the connection to ESET servers and cache transferred data. Caching saves the network traffic. Using the proxy is necessary if the client computer does not have network visibility to ESET servers. If you are using ESET Bridge to forward communication between ESET PROTECT Server and ESET Management Agents, you can use it to cache the results coming from ESET LiveGuard Advanced. ESET Bridge also supports proxy chaining.


Proxy settings on client computers

It is necessary to set up proxy settings (Settings > Tools > Proxy server) in the ESET security product on the client computer. You can do it remotely via a policy.


You should use ESET Bridge for caching the detection results if there are at least 10 computers on one network, for example, an office. If your client computers do not share an internal network or VPN, do not use a proxy. Read more about ESET Bridge in ESET PROTECT documentation.


Apache HTTP Proxy users

Starting with ESET PROTECT 4.0 and ESET PROTECT On-Prem 10.0 (released in November 2022), ESET Bridge replaces Apache HTTP Proxy. Apache HTTP Proxy has reached Limited Support. If you use Apache HTTP Proxy, we recommend migrating to ESET Bridge.

Users of ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance

The appliance is based on CentOS 7, which is not supported by ESET Bridge. Users of ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance can choose one of the following solutions:

Use ESET Bridge installed on a separate machine (see the list of ESET Bridge requirements).

Use the Apache HTTP Proxy solution built into the appliance.

Installation of ESET Bridge

You can install ESET Bridge in several ways. We recommend using the latest ESET PROTECT All-in-one installer.

Caching of results provided by ESET LiveGuard Advanced

ESET Bridge has the correct configuration for caching results by default. Caching of results will start after you configure ESET Bridge to use a proxy solution for caching and enable ESET LiveGuard Advanced.