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Requirements and supported products

Requirements for users of on-premises products

Your environment should meet the following prerequisites for the proper functioning of ESET LiveGuard Advanced:

A working ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator account synchronized with an ESET management console

A supported ESET management console

Version 7.x or later of compatible ESET security products installed

A Valid license for ESET LiveGuard Advanced

Activated Security products with ESET LiveGuard Advanced License

ESET LiveGuard Advanced enabled in policies for compatible Security products

Network requirements on opened ports are the same as for ESET LiveGrid®.

If you are using the Apache HTTP Proxy or ESET Bridge, the network requirements on opened ports are the same as for ESET LiveGrid®. Otherwise, the port is 443 instead.

oAccess to ESET LiveGuard Advanced online servers

Requirements for ESET Cloud Office Security users

To use the ESET LiveGuard Advanced in the ESET Cloud Office Security, the user needs the following:

A working ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator account connected to ESET Cloud Office Security

A valid license for ESET LiveGuard Advanced

ESET Cloud Office Security does not share any information about submitted files with ESET management consoles.

Access Rights in management consoles

In the Web Console, the submitted files and analysis results are only visible to a user with access rights to the device that submitted that file. You can manually submit an executable file reported from ESET Inspect from the Web Console. You need to have the Use permission for the computer that reported the detection and Write permissions for Send File to ESET LiveGuard functionality over your home group.

Roaming endpoints—if a device cannot reach the ESET PROTECT Server but can reach ESET cloud servers, files submitted by that device are only visible after the device is connected again to the server.


You can use ESET Bridge to cache the results coming from ESET LiveGuard Advanced. Caching can significantly decrease internet traffic on your network.

We recommend using a dedicated ESET Bridge server in enterprise environments (more than 1,000 managed computers). Caching high amounts of files would decrease the server's performance. In high availability environments, we recommend installing each component on a separate machine (ESET PROTECT Server, ESET Bridge, Database server). We also do not recommend running other resource-intensive applications besides the ESET PROTECT On-Prem on the same machine.

Another way to improve the overall performance is to decrease the number of submitted files. You can exclude files, folders, or processes to prevent sending your private files for analysis or to decrease the load. Refer to the Use exclusions to improve performance for more information.

Supported licenses

ESET LiveGuard Advanced can be activated by:

One, two and three-year licenses and subscription license from EBA

Subscription-like MSP licenses from ESET MSP Administrator

Supported products

Submitting files for analysis in ESET LiveGuard Advanced is supported only from certain products. The list of submitted files is only available in the supported version of the management console.

Security products



ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows*

ESET Endpoint Security for Windows

icon_success version 7 and later

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange

icon_success version 7 and later

ESET File Security for Windows Server

icon_success version 7.x

ESET Server Security for Windows Server

(formerly ESET File Security for Windows Server)

icon_success version 8 and later

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux

icon_success version 8.1 and later

ESET Server Security for Linux

icon_success version 8.1 and later

ESET Cloud Office Security

icon_success (from December 2021)

* ESET LiveGuard Advanced functionality is the same for both ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security. This guide only refers to ESET Endpoint Security to make the text easier to understand. ESET Endpoint Antivirus users should follow the instructions for ESET Endpoint Security in this guide.

Management consoles

Product and version


ESET PROTECT On-Prem 8 and later


ESET Security Management Center 7.0 and 7.1

unavailable The support for the consoles has ended.

ESET Security Management Center 7.2


ESET Remote Administrator 6.x and earlier





Operating systems not supported

ESET LiveGuard Advanced is not supported on client machines with Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. These systems do not support TLS 1.2, which is necessary for the secure transfer of sample files.

Supported Proxy

ESET Bridge was released with ESET PROTECT On-Prem 10.0 as a substitute for Apache HTTP Proxy and is included in the All-in-one installer of the management console. You can also download it as a standalone installer from the ESET download site. Apache HTTP Proxy will stay functional, but we recommend using ESET Bridge.