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MSP users

You can purchase an ESET LiveGuard Advanced license via the ESET MSP program.


ESET MSP Administrator version 1 is not supported

If you are using ESET MSP Administrator, verify that you are using version 2 (available at ESET MSP Administrator version 1 was previously available at The address now redirects to ESET MSP Administrator 2. Version 1 does not support ESET LiveGuard Advanced.

ESET Business Account users

Purchase a license from your reseller and import it to your ESET Business Account. Your ESET PROTECT On-Prem synchronizes the imported license and is ready to use.

ESET Cloud Office Security users

All ESET Cloud Office Security tier licenses include the ESET LiveGuard Advanced feature. You can see the ESET LiveGuard label next to the license ID. If you have the ESET Cloud Office Security standalone license, ESET migrates it automatically.

Try ESET LiveGuard Advanced for free in ESET PROTECT

ESET PROTECT users can request a free 30-day trial license for ESET LiveGuard Advanced from their cloud Console.

Contact Us

Locate your ESET partner for any questions related to licensing and buying the service. You can contact ESET support via email, chat or phone. For details, see our contact information page.