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Activate a group of computers

When activating a selection of computers on ESET PROTECT On-Prem or ESET PROTECT, use the simplified activation process.

Prerequisites for ESET PROTECT On-Prem users

ESET LiveGuard Advanced license imported in ESET PROTECT On-Prem

Client machines with ESET Management Agent version not earlier than the version of the Server component

Activated ESET security product with support for ESET LiveGuard Advanced

Prerequisites for ESET PROTECT users

ESET LiveGuard Advanced license imported in EBA.

ESET Management Agent is the latest version on all client computers.

ESET security products on client computers (with support for ESET LiveGuard Advanced) are installed and activated.

Activation task

1.Log in to the Web Console.

2.Click Tasks > New > Client task.

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3.Type a name for your activation task and select Product Activation as the Task type.

4.Click Continue.

5.Click the license to get to the license list and select the ESET LiveGuard Advanced license.

6.The ESET LiveGuard Advanced license is a part of a tier. Expand the tier and select a product license to use.

7.Click OK.

8.Click Summary for an overview of the task settings.

9.If the task is correct, click Finish.

10. After you create the task, you need to schedule it. Click Create Trigger in the alert window.

11. Type a Trigger Description and click Continue.

12. Click Add Computers or Add Groups to add machines to be activated. Ensure that the clients you select have products that are compatible with the license you selected in step 6. Click OK and then click Continue.

13. You can select a Trigger type. We recommend using the default option: As Soon as Possible, which runs the task immediately after the trigger. If you select another setting, Advanced Settings - Throttling becomes available.

14. Click Finish to schedule the activation task.

After you complete activation, the license will become visible in the machine details. In the Web Console, click Computers, select a machine and then click details_defaultShow details > Details > Products and Licenses.