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Activate selected computers

Prerequisites for ESET PROTECT and ESET PROTECT Cloud users

ESET LiveGuard Advanced license or a license bundle imported in ESET PROTECT

Client machines with ESET Management Agent version not older than the version of the Server component

Activated ESET security product with support for ESET LiveGuard Advanced

Prerequisites for ESET PROTECT Cloud users

ESET LiveGuard Advanced license or a license bundle imported in EBA.

ESET Management Agent is the latest version on all client computers.

ESET security products on client computers (with support for ESET LiveGuard Advanced) are installed and activated.



Never use a ESET LiveGuard Advanced license imported to a remote management console using a license key. If you have such a license, remove it and re-import it using EBA or ESET MSP Administrator.

Always make sure your target computer has an activated and a supported product before using the ESET LiveGuard Advanced license.

Activate and enable ESET LiveGuard Advanced in ESET PROTECT and ESET PROTECT Cloud

ESET PROTECT and ESET PROTECT Cloud offer simplified activation:

1.Log in to the Web Console.

2.Click the Computers menu icon.

3.Select the check box next to computers you want to activate and click Actions > Enable ESET LiveGuard.

4.If you need to change the policy name, click the preset Configuration Policy in the dialog window that enables ESET LiveGuard Advanced on the selected machine.

5.Verify whether the preselected license under License is correct (for example, if you manage multiple users, use different license bundles), and click the license to change it if necessary.

6.Click Enable ESET LiveGuard to execute the task.

The management console sends the activation task and policy to the selected computer. ESET LiveGuard Advanced is enabled after the next connection of ESET Management Agent, usually within a few minutes.