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Apache HTTP Proxy


Apache HTTP Proxy is functional but has reached Limited Support. We recommend using ESET Bridge instead.

Proxy configuration file

Linux and Windows store the Apache configuration files at different locations, see the usual location in the table below.

Operating system

Configuration files


C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy\conf\httpd.conf

Linux (Debian-based)


Virtual Appliance (Linux)


Proxy chaining

You can set up more supported forward proxies to work in the chain. Add ProxyRemote * AddressOfNextProxy to your proxy configuration. All proxies that are connecting to next proxy need to have the setting.

Example, where is the address of the next proxy:

 ProxyRemote *

To apply the new configuration, restart the proxy service.

Third-party proxies (non-Apache)

Other forward proxy solutions are not supported by ESET. Under certain conditions, other proxies may work, but ESET does not provide configuration or support for these scenarios.


To get detailed logs from your proxy, change / add the parameter LogLevel debug in your proxy configuration and restart the proxy service. You can use logs to look for the problem or provide them to ESET Support for further assistance.


When using ESET LiveGuard Advanced in an enterprise-level environment (hundreds of machines or more), we recommend deploying HTTP Proxy on a dedicated server. Running the HTTP Proxy service on a heavily utilized server (e.g., besides the ESET PROTECT Server or database) may result in ESET LiveGuard Advanced connection problems.

You can exclude selected folders and processes to decrease the number of submitted files and improve the overall performance.