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Policy management

Policies allow you to enforce some or all client settings remotely from a management console to client machines. Each policy is specific to a single ESET business product, and you apply it to groups or individual client machines. When multiple policies are applied to a single machine, policies are combined and applied.

ESET Management Agent must be installed and configured to connect to the management console for policies to take effect on clients.

Create a new policy

1.Log in to the Web Console.

2.Click Policies > New Policy.

arrow_down_business I am using ESET PROTECT

3.Type the name and description for a policy and click Continue.

4.Select the applicable ESET security product for the policy and click Continue.

5.Select the applicable computers or computer groups that you want to assign the policy to and click Continue.

6.The Summary section gives an overview of policy settings. Click Finish to apply the policy.

How to set up the ESET LiveGuard Advanced policy?

How policies work

In the policy wizard, select the ESET product you want to create a policy for.

Each setting (line) consists of:



Version limitation (optional)

Setting value

Tooltip (not all settings have tooltips)


A setting's status is displayed if the setting is defined in this policy and also if it is forced over other policies. Examples of setting status indicators are shown below:

button_no - Setting inactive

button_on - Setting enabled

buttpn_force - Setting forced

If more policies are applied on a single machine, or their settings are inherited, policies are merged (based on order). Read more about policies in the ESET PROTECT On-Prem documentation.