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The central entity that ESET Cloud Office Security protects is the user account. Double-click a user to find useful information such as the Overview, Settings defined by Policies, list of Policies assigned to the user, and Detections for Gmail, Google Drive, Exchange Online and OneDrive. You can also choose which users will be Protected or Unprotected. Users are sorted into groups, and each group is an Microsoft 365 tenant containing its users. To make searching for a specific user within a group easier, you can use filtering with multiple criteria.


Users without Microsoft 365 license will not be shown in the ESET Cloud Office Security console by default. This includes shared mailboxes without a Microsoft 365 license.

If you want to see and manage all Microsoft 365 users, navigate to Settings and disable Microsoft 365 licensed users.

Protection status:



icon_user_status_unprotected Unprotected

A user is currently not being protected.

autoprotected Auto protected

Protected user with auto-protection.

icon_user_status_pending Pending

Transitional state that occurs during the process of protecting a user. Once it finishes, the user's status changes to Protected.

icon_user_status_protected Protected

User's Mailbox and OneDrive are being protected by the Default or a Custom policy.

icon_user_status_warning Warning

The process of protecting a user was unsuccessful. The error might have occurred for one of the resources, Mailbox or OneDrive. Likely, both resources are not available for the user. Check if the user has a valid Microsoft 365 license assigned.

Navigate within the tree to see users of a specific tenant or group. To see all users in every tenant and group, click All.

For more detailed information, double-click a user, click the icon_contextmenu_b_tiny icon, and select an action (Show details, Protect or Unprotect). Click a user to open the Show details window that consists of four parts:




Shows necessary information about the user loaded from Microsoft 365 (Email, Group membership, Job title, etc.). Also, a current Protection status for Mailbox and OneDrive is shown.


Contains a read-only list of Settings and assigned Policies for this user. Switch between the tabs to view the configuration or a list of assigned policies. You cannot modify Settings or assign Policies to users, go to the Policies section instead.


Show all detections for this user account (Gmail, Google Drive, Exchange Online or OneDrive).


Show all quarantine emails and files store from this user. You can also use an action: Release, Download, or Delete quarantine emails or files.

You can filter users by several criteria. Click Add filter and select a filter type from the drop-down menu or type a string (repeat when combining multiple criteria):

Add filter


Protection Status

Select Protected, Unprotected, Warning, or Pending status of a user.

Auto protected

Show automatically protected users only.


Type a valid username.


Type a valid user email.


Select the user type (Unknown, User, Linked, Shared mailbox, Room, Equipment, Others).

arrow_up_businessProtect users
arrow_up_businessUnprotect users