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The Dashboard is a collection of widgets that provide an overview of Microsoft 365 security activities. The Dashboard provides essential information in each of its overview tabs (Overview, Exchange Online, OneDrive, Team groups, SharePoint sites, Gmail, Google Drive and ESET LiveGuard Advanced). The Overview is the main screen of the Dashboard that you see every time you log into the ESET Cloud Office Security console. It displays general and statistical information.


The Dashboard refresh interval is 10 minutes if you do not see the latest information in your Dashboard, press F5 to refresh it manually.

To view Dashboard statistics, use filters at the top to choose the applicable Time period (Last 24 hours, Last 7, 30 or 90 days) and Tenant. Additional detection statistics and graphs are visible in the Exchange Online, OneDrive, Team groups SharePoint sites, Gmail, Google Drive and ESET LiveGuard Advanced overview tabs. These are statistics such as the number of scanned emails and files and the number of detected spam/phishing/malware. The graphs show the traffic for each detection type—spam, malware, and phishing.

Occasionally, the announcement bar may appear. Colors indicate the announcement type (blue = news, yellow = awareness, red = warning).

Use the Dashboard tabs to switch between the view panes:



icon_overview_b  Overview

icon_exchange_b  Exchange Online

icon_onedrive_b  OneDrive

icon_team_groups_b  Team groups

icon_sharepoint_sites_b  SharePoint sites

icon_gmail_b  Gmail

icon_gdrive_b  Google Drive

icon_edtd_b  ESET LiveGuard Advanced