The Dashboard is a collection of widgets that provide an overview of Microsoft 365 security activities. The Dashboard provides essential information in each of its overview tabs (Overview / Exchange Online / OneDrive / Team groups / SharePoint sites). The Overview is the main screen of the Dashboard that you see every time you log into the ESET Cloud Office Security console. It displays general and statistical information.


The Dashboard refresh interval is 10 minutes. If you do not see the latest information in your Dashboard, press F5 to refresh it manually.

To view Dashboard statistics, choose the applicable Time period (day, week, month) and Tenant. Additional detection statistics and graphs are visible in the Exchange Online, OneDrive, Team groups and SharePoint sites overview tabs. These are statistics such as the number of scanned emails and files and the number of detected spam/phishing/malware. The graphs show the traffic for each detection type — spam, malware, and phishing.

Occasionally, the announcement bar may appear. Colors indicate the announcement type (blue = news, yellow = awareness, red = warning).

Use the Dashboard tabs to switch between the view panes:



icon_user_b  Overview

icon_exchange_b  Exchange Online

icon_onedrive_b  OneDrive

icon_team_groups_b  Team groups

icon_sharepoint_sites_b  SharePoint sites

Use the navigation bar on the left side to switch between different parts of the ESET Cloud Office Security console:

icon_users Users

icon_teams_and_sites Teams & Sites

icon_detections Detections

icon_quarantine Quarantine

icon_logs Logs

icon_reports Reports

icon_policies Policies

icon_license License management

icon_settings Settings

icon_feedback Submit feedback


icon_collapse_tiny Collapse

Expand and collapse the navigation menu. Collapsing the panel provides more dashboard screen space. To expand the navigation panel, click the icon_expand_tiny icon.

There is also a toolbar in the top-right corner. It is available in every ESET Cloud Office Security console screen:

exlink ESET Business Account and ESET MSP Administrator (hybrid licensing account)

If you have the same email address registered in both ESET MSP Administrator and ESET Business Account (single sign-on), you can switch between the ESET Business Account and ESET MSP Administrator view.

icon_notification_tiny Show notifications

To view all notifications, click the icon_notification_tiny icon in the top right corner.

icon_qlinks Quick links

Provides easy access to Add tenant, New policy, ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator.

icon_help Help

The first link in this menu always links to Online Help for the current screen. If you cannot resolve a problem, search the ESET Knowledgebase exlink or Support forum exlink. Alternatively, you can Submit feedback exlink. The About page provides detailed information about the ESET Cloud Office Security version and links to legal documents.

icon_user User (currently logged in)

Shows the username.

icon_logout Logout

Hit this omnipresent pictogram to escape from the ESET Cloud Office Security console.