Free trial license

You can activate a 30-day free trial license in your ESET Business Account portal, unless you imported a business license to it.

A free trial license allows you to:

test the license management with ESET Business Account

activate ESET Cloud Administrator

activate ESET Endpoint Security products (Windows, Linux, Mac) on 25 computers


Activation of 30-day free trial license

a)Click Start free trial in the initial dialog that shows up in the Dashboard.

b)In the Dashboard, click Start free trial under the ESET Cloud Administrator tile.


Upgrade trial license to full license

1.Click the trial license in Licenses screen, select Show details.

2.Copy the license key.

3.In Dashboard, click Renew License and the ESET store will open in a new tab.

4.Enter the license key obtained in step 2 and follow the on-screen instructions.