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Post-installation steps

After you install ESET PROTECT, you can start the configuration.

First steps after ESET PROTECT server deployment

1.Connect to the ESET PROTECT Web Console.


2.Read the ESET PROTECT Tour instructions.


3.Add your license(s).


4.Deploy the ESET Management Agent and ESET endpoint products to computers in your network.


Thestatus_overview Status Overview can help you with the initial configuration of ESET PROTECT.

With the ESET PROTECT server installed on your server and ESET endpoint solutions installed on clients, you can start managing your network. Refer to the Administrator Guide for more information on how you can manage ESET Endpoint products.

Additional recommended steps

Use notifications and reports to monitor the status of client computers in your environment, for example, if you want to receive a notification about certain events or view or download a report.


Configure an SMTP server connection. This configuration is optional if you want to receive notifications or reports by email. You can configure ESET PROTECT Server to send notifications to your Syslog server.


Create a new ESET PROTECT Web Console user.


Back up the ESET PROTECT database.