New features in ESET PROTECT Cloud

One-click away from details

It's never been easier to quickly look at computer details or detection details and go over them. You just need to click the computer name in the Computers section, and a side panel with details will appear. Learn More We've also used the same approach for the Detections section when you click a detection type. Learn More

New overview Dashboard for EDTD

We've introduced a new Dashboard where you can find useful information and statistics related to ESET Dynamic Threat Defense. Learn More

Automatic Product Updates

To make your life easier, we're introducing auto-updates for our security products (Windows endpoint products for the time being) with out-of-the-box enablement in the upcoming ESET Endpoint Security/Antivirus v9, rolling out in November. With auto-updates, you can effortlessly keep ESET products in your network always up to date. Learn More

Try and Buy

We're introducing a new concept that will help you easily request trials and deploy ESET products that improve the security of your network. You can find this feature in the new section ESET Solutions. From there, you can request a trial and deploy ESET Dynamic Threat Defense. Learn More

Web control for Android devices

We've had this feature in our Windows endpoint products for a few years, and now we're finally bringing it to Android devices as well. You can now control or restrict which websites the users can access. You need to set up a custom report, but we'll bring default report templates in future ESET PROTECT Cloud releases. Learn more

Management for brute-force attack protection

In Windows endpoint products v9 (planned for November), we'll bring a new security feature that protects devices against potential guessing of credentials and establishing a remote connection. You'll be able to easily configure this feature through a policy directly from the console and create exclusions from the Detections section when something is blocked but shouldn't be.

ESET Full Disk Encryption improvements

You can now save precious time by easily automating the updates of ESET Full Disk Encryption modules. We've also added the option to deploy an installer with a pre-defined password and keyboard map to start the encryption. Last but not least, we've improved the user interface to show currently installed ESET Full Disk Encryption modules.

Other improvements and usability changes

You can find more details in the changelog.