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New features

Vulnerability & Patch Management for macOS and Linux

We're excited to share that we are extending Vulnerability & Patch Management to include macOS and Linux. With this expanded platform coverage, you'll gain a more comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities within your network.

This feature requires ESET Endpoint Security for macOS 8.0 or version 11 of our Linux business products, both slated for release in the coming weeks. Learn more

MDR dashboard improvements and a new monthly report

We've improved the dashboard for the ESET MDR service in ESET PROTECT. You can choose whether you'd like to view data from the last day, week or month. We're also introducing a monthly report that provides comprehensive insights for each month. This report gets automatically delivered to your inbox. Learn more

Updates to the Computers section

We've made some improvements to the Computers section to make navigating your computers easier. Enjoy expanded filtering options, a revamped context menu for each computer and various visual enhancements for a smoother experience. Learn more

Other improvements and bug fixes

Find out what else has been improved in the changelog.