New features in ESET PROTECT Cloud

50,000 managed devices from a single console

We continuously improve the scalability of our solution, and from now, you can manage up to 50,000 connected devices. Learn more

ESET Inspect Cloud

The launch of ESET Inspect Cloud introduces the benefits of EDR/XDR to ESET PROTECT Cloud users. Users with an eligible license (ESET PROTECT Enterprise) can create an Inspect Cloud instance from their ESET Business Account. ESET Inspect Cloud combines all the powerful capabilities of its on-premises version with the ease of deployment and virtually no maintenance requirements of a cloud-delivered service. It's a culmination of ESET endpoint detection technologies. At its core, ESET Inspect Cloud has a fully transparent and customizable detection rule engine with close to 1,000 rules and the ability to automate the response. Learn more

Changes to product names

ESET Enterprise Inspector was renamed ESET Inspect, and ESET Dynamic Threat Defense was renamed ESET LiveGuard Advanced. You can find more information in this article.

Simplified trial for ESET Full Disk Encryption

We've added ESET Full Disk Encryption to our family of products eligible for the simplified trial. From now, you can easily request a trial period and deploy ESET Full Disk Encryption directly from the ESET Solutions section. Learn more

Advanced Filters PREVIEW

We've been working on a new concept of data filtering that will help you easily filter relevant devices in larger environments, but not only there. You'll always have a statistical overview of how many devices with specific attributes you have in your network, and you'll know how many results you'll get before your click the filter. You can now activate the Preview feature and try the new filtering options in the Computers section.

Other improvements and usability changes

You can find more details in the changelog.