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Certification Authorities

Certification Authorities are listed and managed in the Certification Authorities section. If you have multiple Certification Authorities, you can apply a filter to sort them.


Certification Authorities and certificates are accessed using the same permissions for the Certificates function. Certificates and authorities created during installation, and those created afterward by the administrator, are contained in the All static group. See the list of permissions for more information on access rights.

Click Actions to manage the selected Certification Authority:

add_new_defaultNew - Create a new Certification Authority

icon_tags Tags - Edit tags (assign, unassign, create, delete).

edit_default Edit - Edit the Certification Authority description.

audit_log Audit Log - View the Audit Log for the selected item.

delete_default Delete - Delete the selected Certification Authority.

import_default Import Public Key

export_default Export Public Key - Use this option to back up your Certification Authorities.

move_default Access Group > move_default Move - Move the object to another Static Group where it is available to users with sufficient rights for the target group. Changing the Access Group is useful when solving access issues with other users. Access Group sets the object's Static Group and access to the object based on the user's access rights.

Filters and layout customization

You can customize the current Web Console screen view:

Manage the side panel and main table.

Add filters and filter presets. You can use tags for filtering the displayed items.


How to divide access to certificates and authorities

If Administrator does not want to allow the user John to access ESET PROTECT Certification Authorities, but needs him to be able to work with certificates, the administrator has to follow these steps:

1.Create a new Static Group called Certificates.

2.Create new Permission set.

a.Name this permission set Permissions for certificates.

b.Add a group named Certificates in section Static Groups.

c.In the Functionality section, select Write for Certificates.

d.In the Users section, click icon_expand Native Users and select John.

e.Click Finish to save the permission set.

3.Move certificates from the All group to the newly created Certificates group:

a.Navigate to More > Peer Certificates.

b.Select the check boxes checkbox_ok next to the certificates you want to move.

c.Click Actions > move_default Access Group, select the Certificates group and then click OK.

Now, John is able to modify and use moved certificates. However, Certification Authorities are safely stored out of this user's reach. John will not be able even to use existing authorities (from group All) for signing any certificates.