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Export a Public Key

To export a Certification Authority, click More > Certification Authorities.


To export a public key, a user is required to have Use rights over Certificates. See the full list of access rights for more information.

1.Select the Certification Authority you want to use from the list and select the check box next to it.


2.Select one of the export options:

a.Select Actions > export_default Export Public Key. Select this option if you want to import the Public key to another ESET PROTECT On-Prem installation (migration from one server to another). Type a name for the public key and click Save. The public key will be exported as a .der file.

b.Select Actions > export_default Export Public Key as Base64. You can copy the Base64 encoded certificate string or click Download to download the Base64 encoded certificate as a file.




If you delete the default ESET PROTECT Certification Authority and create a new one, it will not work. Before replacing the CA, you need to create and distribute Peer Certificates signed by the new CA. You also need to change Server certificate in More > Settings and then restart the ESET PROTECT Server service.