Install Password Manager for multiple users

If multiple users want to use Password Manager on the same device, you must create multiple password stores for a specific license. Additional stores must be created in the ESET HOME account.



You can add as many Password Stores with different email addresses as you have purchased license seats with ESET Smart Security Premium. The trial version offers only one Password Store. Purchase more ESET Smart Security Premium license seats to get more Password Stores.

1.Log in to the ESET HOME portal and associate your license. You can only use a verified ESET Smart Security Premium license.

2.In the section Password Manager click Add Password store next to your desired license and pre-register the store for:

Your email address (the one you are using on the ESET HOME portal)—Go to extensions or app (except iOS and Safari) and use pre-registered email to complete your registration. The app will walk you through the setup process.

The email address of someone you would like to invite to Password Manager—An invited person will receive an invitation email with further instructions. Accepting the invitation will redirect the invited person to complete the registration process and log in with the email address and master password.



An invited person needs to create a ESET Password Manager account with the email address where the invitation mail is received.

In the Password Stores section, you will see Activated (when you have already registered) or Invited Password Store (when you have not registered yet).