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Change your ESET HOME account settings

To make changes to your ESET HOME account:

On the ESET HOME portal: At the top of the screen, click your email address, and select My account in the drop-down menu to change the language of emails, the country, and other ESET HOME account settings.

In the ESET HOME application: Tap the main menu icon in the top left corner and select My account at the top of the main menu.

Change your ESET HOME regional settings

In the account regional settings, you can change your country of origin, the language of emails that ESET HOME sends you, and your time zone.

Change your ESET HOME password

1.Under your email address, click Change password.

2.Type your current password.

3.Type a new password.


Your password must be at least 10 characters long and contain at least one of each of the following characters:

Lowercase letter

Uppercase (CAPITAL) letter


4.Click Submit.

5.Your password is changed, and you receive an email from ESET. Click Got it and log in with your new ESET HOME password.

Change your default email for ESET HOME


Password Manager activated on the user profile

Changing the email address for your ESET HOME account affects the "Me" user profile on which you have the Password Manager feature activated.

Your "Me" profile will be created with a new email address, and the origin email address, where you have the Password Manager feature activated, will be moved under the automatically created profile.

1.Click Change email address.

2.Type your new email address and current ESET HOME password.

3.Click Submit.

4.Open the email you selected.

5.Open the Email address change request - ESET HOME email.

6.Click the confirmation link to return to the ESET HOME portal.

7.Click Confirm.

8.Click Got it.

Now you can log in to your ESET HOME account with the new email.


These steps change your login email address and the email address where you receive your ESET HOME email. These steps do not change your subscription registration email. To change the email address associated with your subscription, contact ESET Technical Support.

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