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ESET Anti-Theft allows you to send custom messages to your lost/stolen device using Messages. The Messages functionality is only enabled when your device is in the Missing state.


We recommend that you consider your use of this feature carefully and use this feature only after enough data is gathered to trace the device. If no locations are available and a thief notices your message, they may disable your device, and you may lose the ability to track it

In the Messages tab, you can set a text message as wallpaper for the Phantom Account on your device. Type your message into the Message Text field.

You can set a custom Background picture with the text of the message by selecting the option New message in the Messages tab for the computer running Windows. This option is available only for Windows devices.

Click Preview and send to see how a message will look before you send it. After clicking Send to device, your message will be delivered 5 minutes after your missing device goes online and will automatically appear within the wallpaper of your lost/stolen device.

Recommended message templates

This device has been reported as missing, and it is being monitored. Please contact the police or the owner of the device at [] immediately!

Please return my device.

This device has been stolen. We have just recorded pictures of you from the web camera, and the police have been contacted. Return it to the owner of the device immediately!

How to cancel a message you have sent to your device

1.Click the Messages history tab on the left.

2.Click Cancel to stop a message from being resent.