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Launch a new scan of all local drives manually from Scans > New Scan > Scan all local drives.

Select Custom scan where you can choose scan profile, define the location to be scanned. If you select Scan with Cleaning, the cleaning level of selected scan profile will be applied to each detected threat. To scan everything, including the configured exclusions, select Scan exclusions.

Custom scan targets

Local drives

Network drives

Removable media

Boot sectors — the boot sector of every mounted drive/media will be scanned.

Custom target — type in the desired path to be scanned and press the TAB key on your keyboard.

Each executed scan is recorded in the Scans screen, including the information about the number of found and cleaned threats. If the Cleaned column is highlighted red, some infected files were not cleaned/deleted. To view more details of an entry, click it, then click Show details.

The Scan detail screen includes three tabs:

Overview - Shows the same information as seen in the Scans screen, plus the number of disks scanned.

Detections - Shows the details of detected infiltration and action taken against it.

Not scanned files - Displays the details and reason of files that could not be scanned.

Scan profiles

Your preferred scan parameters (Threatsense parameters) can be saved for future scanning. We recommend that you create a different profile (with various scan targets, scan methods and other parameters) for each regularly used scan.

To create a new profile, click Setup > Detection engine > Malware scans > On-demand scan > List of profiles.

On-demand scan via Terminal

To run on-demand scan from a Terminal window, use the /opt/eset/efs/bin/odscan command.