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Status Overview

The Status Overview provides an overview of module and product updates, license information and product activation options, and status of other services.

When everything is working without any issues, the tile is green. If there are options to improve the protection status of your system, or insufficient protection status is detected, the tile color will change and additional information will display. Click the tile to see the details.


Mute or un-mute status alerts

Each non-green status alert can be muted by clicking Mute this alert. The status will turn grey, and the related tile will display icon_eb.status.muted_main next to the related item. Click Un-mute this alert to turn the status notification back on.

If a status is disabled via ESET PROTECT, neither Un-mute this alert, nor Enable is available in the Status Overview.

Module update

If all modules are up to date, the Module update tile is green. If module updates are suspended temporarily, the tile turns orange. If the update fails, the tile color changes to red. Click the tile to see the details.

To launch the update of detection modules manually, click Module update > Check and update, and wait till the update completes.

Product update

If all product components are up to date, the Product update tile is green. Click the tile to see more details on the current version and last check for updates.

If a new version of the product is available, the tile is light-blue. To see the changelog or to upgrade to the new version, click Product update, then click See changelog or Accept & Update now.

To check the availability of new updates manually, click Product update > Check for updates.

See more details on configuring automatic product updates.


If the license is close to expiration, the License tile turns orange. If the license is expired, the tile turns red. Click the tile to see available options on changing the license.

Real-time scanning

If the real-time file system protection is disabled, the tile is red. If you click the tile and mute the Protection status notification, the tile will turn green, but icon_eb.operation.error_normal will display next to its items, and icon_eb.status.muted_main will display next to Protection status: Disabled.


If real-time file system protection is disabled and you enable it, it can take up to a minute to restore the scanning service. Afterward, the tile will stop displaying Scanning service: Disabled.

The On-demand scanning tile is displayed only if Watchdog is enabled.

Other features (formerly Other services)

A group of other features and services that help improve your system's overall security. Click the tile to see the details.